At The Monument with Local 731

Together, the Monument and Local 731 have created a training and testing program to better prepare our stagehands and techs to serve our clients and customers. The idea is to give each person the tools and knowledge to safely and efficiently perform the jobs assigned to them. The program consists of several levels, including evaluations, study materials, training, written and performance tests, and hands-on experience.

We are looking for everyone to succeed in this program, but know that it must be earned by each person. If there needs to be any accommodations to assist in test-taking or studying, please contact David Owen at (605) 381-0233.

To keep the program effective, all tests will be administered by a proctor in a classroom or one on one setting. There will be zero tolerance towards cheating, such as using outside sources during the test, sharing answers during the test, removing testing material from the testing site, etc...

At the Monument with Local 731

Evaluation, Written and Performance Program

The goal of this training and testing program is to ensure that you are prepared for any event, whether it is a concert, play, or corporate event. Often, productions are composed of several different elements, lighting, audio, video, etc. On larger events, you will usually be assigned to only one of these departments at a time, however, which department that is may vary from event to event. On smaller events, you will need to assist in several different areas. This makes training in all the departments important.

This program is setup in a way to give new employees a clear path to follow. The basic layout of the program is study, test, train, and perform. Since this applies to all the departments, there is a lot to learn and experience. While this might seem overwhelming at first, the entire process can be completed at your own pace. The program is meant to take time by advancing one step at a time, ensuring everyone understands what is expected, and that they are given the knowledge and tools before they are expected to use them. We encourage everyone to pick one department and focus on advancing in steps. Study the material, take the written tests, attend the trainings, and then complete the performance evaluations. As you pass each level of the program, you will become more qualified to work. Not only does this mean access to more hours of work and better pay rates, but you will become more knowledgeable and efficient at your job.

Evaluation Exams

There is no time limit when taking the evaluation exams and no pass or fail. These exams are simply for evaluation purposes only. The intent of an evaluation exam serves two objectives.

1. Gives the applicant an idea of what they know and what they need to work on to pass the written exams.

2. Gives the Labor Management Team an idea of the level of knowledge an applicant has and how that person is qualified to do work.

After taking the evaluation exam, the applicant goes over each question of the exam with the testing committee and examines what that person needs to concentrate on. You cannot keep this exam or take it home, but it is kept on file and you can ask to view it at the hall. Allow about 2 hours to take each test and review with the testing committee.

List of evaluation exams

  1. Audio
  2. Lighting
  3. Audio / Visual
  4. Properties / Effects
  5. Rigging
  6. Follow Spotlight
  7. Pin rail
  8. Acoustic Shell

Written Exams

Applicants must have taken all the evaluation exams before taking a written exam. The written exam is required to be taken and passed before taking a performance exam. Each exam has a set time limit and is either pass or fail. Applicants who fail the exam will be given the opportunity to retake the exam every three months.

By passing an exam it will accomplish several things

1. Documentation that applicants understand the knowledge associated with that exam.

2. The willingness to participate and progress as a stagehand.

3. Eligibility to proceed with the performance part of the program.

4. Gives the Labor Management Team the information to advance you in qualifications and pay considerations.

5. Gives the Call Stewart the reassurance that applicant is qualified for more work.

List of written exams

  1. Audio
  2. Lighting
  3. Audio / Visual
  4. Properties / Effects
  5. Rigging
  6. Follow Spotlight
  7. Pin rail
  8. Acoustic Shell

Performance exams

A performance exam is designed to measure an applicant’s ability to perform tasks essential to a major faction of the job. It usually involves 4 to 6 exercises, each one testing a different skill pertaining to that function of a job.

At this point in the testing and performance process it is recommended that an applicant concentrate on mastering one skill at a time. It is important that the applicant understands the exam part of a skill but also how to apply it to a job or piece of equipment. Once an applicant has obtained the qualification and skill associated with a job, then they would move on to the next portion of the program. In doing this it will be a benefit to the applicant in consideration of work offered and rate of pay by the Labor Management team.

List of Performance Exams


     1.Lacroix Hall Audio

     2. Rushmore Hall  Audio

     3. Barnett Arena Audio

     4. Ice Arena Audio

     5. Theatre Audio

     6. Portable Audio set-up


     1. House lights

a. Barnett Arena

b. Ice Arena

c. Theatre

d. Rushmore Halls

e. LaCroix Halls

     2. Follow spots

     3. Stage lighting

a. Barnett Arena

b. Ice Arena

c. Theatre

d. Rushmore Halls

e. LaCroix Halls

Video Production

     1. General AV

     2. Arena Video Production

a. Video Switching

b. Instant Replay

c. Graphic

d. Camera


     1. Rigging 2

     2. Rigging 1


     1. Carpentry and Flyrail

     2. Flyrail Advanced

     3. Acoustical Shell



After passing the written and performance exam we have the documentation needed that you understand and can perform the major functions to complete the job.

Upcoming Training and Tests

No dates have been setup.

Study Material

The below documents are directly related to the testing program. The resources page has educational videos, documents, and manuals, which are excellent for learning the basics.

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