At The Monument with Local 731

Together, the Monument and Local 731 have created a training and testing program to better prepare our stagehands and techs to serve our clients and customers. The idea is to give each person the tools and knowledge to safely and efficiently perform the jobs assigned to them. The program consists of several levels, including evaluations, study materials, training, written and performance tests, and hands-on experience.

We are looking for everyone to succeed in this program, but know that it must be earned by each person. If there needs to be any accommodations to assist in test-taking or studying, please contact David Owen at (605) 381-0233.

To keep the program effective, all tests will be administered by a proctor in a classroom or one on one setting. There will be zero tolerance towards cheating, such as using outside sources during the test, sharing answers during the test, removing testing material from the testing site, etc...

Evaluations - A set of evaluation tests that help us understand what the examinee taking the tests already knows about our industry, and what they need to learn. Consisting of multiple-choice questions, there is no failing the evaluation, as the purpose is only to set a benchmark. Each evaluation can be revisited at a later time to help study for future tests. The evaluations cannot be taken home and must be returned to the proctor when finished reviewing. Pictures cannot be taken of the evaluation, and the specific questions and answers cannot be copied down. General notes may be taken, and the proctor can instruct you where to find more information on areas that need improvement.

Written Tests - A set of written tests (fill in the answer) that requires 80% to pass. If an 80% score is not achieved, the examinee will be given a set amount of time to study before being allowed to retake the test.

Performance Tests - A set of tests administered by the Monument, that require the examinee to follow sets of instructions to complete set tasks. This may be to test understanding of core processes, physical identification of components, or advanced techniques that cannot be written out.

Upcoming Training and Tests

No dates have been setup.

Study Material

The below documents are directly related to the testing program. The resources page has educational videos, documents, and manuals, which are excellent for learning the basics.

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Oct 2020